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Working together with temperature measurement specialists, Pros by Ditel, Tides Marine has developed a temperature alarm system to work in conjunction with the Tides SureSeals running on commercial and pleasure craft with single- or twin-engine installations.

The SMART SEAL is designed to monitor SureSeal head temperature using a solid state sensor, electronic control module and a remote alarm card or warning siren.

Any increase in the normal operating temperature of the shaft seal will trigger an audible and visual alarm. This alarm will notify the owner and crew that an immediate inspection of the SureSeal is required to prevent damage to the SureSeal.

The control module accepts a 12V or 24V DC power supply and has a self-diagnostic feature on power-up that indicates the system is functioning properly.

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Single Engine Smart Seal Single Engine Twin Engine Smart Seal Dual Engine

Smart Seal Features

Provides early warning of overheating. Arrow

Low maintenance. Arrow

Easy to Install. Arrow

Compatability. Arrow

Simple operation. Arrow

Smart Seal Benefits

SMART SEAL detects excessive increases in water temperature within the shaft seal or forward of the stern tube. Any interruption to the SureSeal's cooling water supply of the stern tube being blocked will cause the alarm to sound.

Solid-state sensor with no moving parts: mounts to water injection fitting on SureSeal unit. Control module has self-diagnostic test on power-up and comes with a 2-year warranty.

Control module mounts to engine room bulkhead. Suitable for single- or twin-engine installations. Sensors pre-wired with 10 meters of heat-resistant cable, allowing convenient control card location. Remote card designed for mounting at helm position.

Control module has output for optional remote siren or for connection to on-board warning/alarm system. Suitable for 12V and 24V DC operation. Can be retro-fitted to any Tides Marine SureSeal unit already in service.

Green OK light confirms that the system is functioning correctly. Control module identifies which shaft seal is starting to overheat. RESET button to cancel alarm events. Memory re-activates alarm after power interruption.

Extended Warranty

When a Smart Seal System is fitted in conjunction with new Tides Marine SureSeals, and the installation is registered with a Tides Marine office, an additional 3 year warranty (total 5 years) will be offered against damage caused to the SureSeal by an overheating event.

Dual Remote Panel

Wiring Diagram (Twin Engine Model Shown)

Smart Seal Wiring Diagram